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Full-size vintage bumper cars for your living room


Dodgems or bumper cars
, whatever you call them, they have been permanent fixtures on our fun fairs for over 50 years. And now you can have two in your living room.

David Simpson is the owner of the car above and its partner (which you can see over the page). Ignore the Lambretta badges, both of thse cars are 1955 Gebr Jhle bumper cars, made in Bruschal in Germany through the 40s and 50s before being exported extensively to the US for early amusement parks.

These cars have been lovingly restored into the quirkiest seating you'll ever find for a living room. And if they'll fit your home or flat, the owner is looking to sell -  get in touch with us if you want the seller's details. Think you have something even more quirky in your home? Let us know and we'll happily print it.

Additional note: These cars have long sold – the article originally dates from 2007.