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Drumstick Pencils – draw or play


How many times in your life have you found yourself tapping away on a table or desk with a pencil? If the answer is ‘far too often’, you need a pair of Drumstick Pencils.

Designed by Moko Sellars, it’s a simple idea, but a brilliant one – converting the top end (or eraser end) of the pencil to a drumstick-shape, so if the mood takes you, just flip them over and bang away. And of course, you can’t just have one drumstick, so they’re sold in a pair.

Available from Suck UK later this month – price is still to be confirmed.

Find out more at the Suck UK website

  • Dan

    I bet they’re rather prone to the lead snapping.

  • Jjay

    oh my god. I actually just ‘WOW’ed when i saw this. This is, amazing 🙂 phaha.
    Buy ;D

  • josh

    i really want these,where can i buy them???