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Rain parade 1920s-fashion mini umbrellas


Fans of the Avengers might recall those 1920s ceramic heads that sat in Steed’s living room – and similar heads can be found on top of these Rain Parade mini umbrellas.

Part novelty, part functional item, this is an everyday umbrella you can stick in your bag or protection from a shower. But would you really want to hide something like this away? Especially when the wrapped-up umbrella has boots, that head and a covering that doubles up as clothing for the ‘doll’.

The four above are all available, all selling for $30 (around £15).

Find out more at the Fred Flare website

  • love this umbrella, thanks for sharing

  • Those are kind of freaking me out. Every so often I get creeped by stuff with faces…even things that look like they have faces. My car, for example.