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Joe Colombo Elda armchair


It’s one of the most iconic space age designs of the 60s and certainly one of the designer’s more famed pieces, yet it’s not easy to find a Joe Colombo Elda armchair.

Amazingly dating back to 1963, but probably more recognisable as the armchair of choice on 70s cult TV show Space 1999, the Elda is actually still in production – although finding a retailer is the hard bit. If you do track one down locally, you can kick back in a futuristic swivel chair made of ABS plastic, with rippled upholstery in a choice of fabric or if you’re feeling flash (like the designer above), leather.

US readers can pick one up online from Nova 68, with prices starting at $7,600 (around £3,900). Maybe that’s why so few stores keep them in stock. See another image over the page.

Find out more at the Nova 68 website


  • i want that chair but only if it comes with that dude sitting in it. how rad is he?

  • David Walker

    Well, as Colombo has been dead over 35 years, you really wouldn’t want that…