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hangUP Arcade coat hooks


Loving the clever design of these hangUP Arcade coat hooks.

They're handmade, using genuine arcade parts, built into a real wood plaque, with a choice of colour for the joystick (black, red, blue, green, pink, yellow and white). There's also the option of choosing how many 'players' you want – three or four, both with corresponding button.

And best of all, it's an affordable piece of design too. A 3UP hook sells for £31.99, while the 4UP is yours for £34.99, both including UK delivery.

Find out more at the Surface Tension website

  • jono

    That’ll be ‘real teak veneered mdf plaque’ if I’m not very much mistaken.
    Still, a very nice piece that I’d be happy to have in my house.