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Pedlars classic wooden surfboards


Summer is on its way – which could mean sun, sea and surf. Indeed, if you're up for the last of those things, you can do it with some retro style with one of the Pedlars classic wooden surfboards.

We're guessing this isn't going to go down well with the serious or pro surfers, but if you just want to enjoy the waves and look stylish at the same time, it could be for you.

Handcrafted exclusively for the company, these belly boards are a reproduction of the classic 1950s British surfboard, sized at 120cm x 30cm and available in an orange or natural finish. You can pick one up for £129.50.

Find out more at the Pedlars website

  • Shocked of Cornwall

    *spits out tea* £129.50?! Or you could buy them from the lovely Original Surfboard Company in Devon (who I suspect made the boards for Pedlars) for £49 inc delivery!
    PS – us ‘serious’ surfers do enjoy the odd spot of bellyboarding too…