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Alice Apple’s 70s style mugs

Apple mugs

If you like to take your tea strong and with a dash of colour, these late 60s/early 70s style patterned mugs from Alice Apple may be of interest to you. While the mug on the left has an illustration of several mugs, each with their own striking patterns, the one on the right has more of a folk art feel.

The work of Devon based Alice Burrows, they are just a couple from the selection she has for sale. All the mugs have a similar retro look but, with 'apple' being part of her trading name, it's probably no surprise that the fruit features prominently in some of her other designs.

The mugs cost £9 each from the Cafe Press website

  • lovely retro mugs! i love alice apple. i’ve seen/ bought from her on etsy. love. 🙂

  • Robert

    Cute usage of bright bold patterns. Ideal to cheer you up in the morning when you are not ready yet to face the world.