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Trip Man – buy a classic Olympus Trip camera for under £40


Some years back, I wandered into a dusty old secondhand camera shop and on the advice of the owner, bought an as-new Olympus Trip for around £20. It didn't let me down and is still in fine working order. You can do much the same at Trip Man.

The Trip was around from the late 60s through to the 80s, famously advertised by David Bailey, it was a fully automatic 35mm film camera that was both compact and solid, with a great quality f2.8 Zuiko lens and sold at a price everyone could afford. But above all, it looked very cool – and still does today.

Trip Man is still selling reconditioned Trips and accessories, maintaining that low price point, certainly compared to some of the recent Lomo cameras. The one above is a Trip 35 with white leather finish, selling for just £39.50. Just pick up some 35mm film and you're away.

Find out more at the Tripman website

  • Jean-Pierre

    Can someone tell me if this camera takes good picture?
    I think I want to buy a film camera because digital camera photos all look the same and they also have no authenticity to them I don’t think 🙁

  • jim jennings

    i have several of these wonderful cameras & the results are always good.not only do they look good they work well