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Barbie Ladies of the 80s dolls – Debbie Harry, Joan Jett and Cyndi Lauper


Mattel seems to be going more leftfield with its Barbie doll variations these days – with the Barbie Ladies of the 80s collection being particularly odd. After all, how many young kids are going to know or remember any of the people featured in it?

Or we could suppose Mattel wants to sell these to grown-ups who remember the women first time round. Take your pick from rock chick Joan Jett, new wave pin-up Debbie Harry or wacky 80s girl Cyndi Lauper, the first two coming with instrument accessories, the latter just coming with a large dress.

But all sell for the same price, $34.99 (around £21), when they hits the shelves in December. See the other two dolls over the page.

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