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Rock n Roll Badge cushion

Rock n Roll Badge cushion

What can an ageing music fan do with all the fan badges they've amassed over the years? Why, use them on a Rock n Roll badge cushion of course! This cushion from Pedlars is partially covered with such badges, looks pretty good and saves the badges from gathering dust in a drawer elsewhere. However, seeing as you don't get any choice in the band badges that you're given, perhaps it will save disputes (and some money as well) if you just do it yourself. 

If you'd prefer to go for the ready-made option, this large cushion is available in black, red or white and costs £68.95. 

Buy it from the Pedlars website

  • billy

    £68.95 for this??
    Are these people having a giraffe?
    I can make my own for a few quid.