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eBay watch: 1970s Guzzini Sorella space age table lamp in black


We featured one of these in white some time back, but now there's a rare 1970s Guzzini Sorella space age table lamp in black being offered on the eBay site.

Designed by Studio Tecnico Harvey for Guzzini back in 1972, this space age design got even more notoriety for its extensive use in cult 70s series Space 1999 – see over the page for a picture of it there. You can see why it was used, even today it looks ahead of its time.

This particular example is in black and described as being in 'very good' condition, although there is a tiny hairline crack to the base, which is pictured on the site (should you want a closer look). Saying that, right now it's just 7p, which is an absolute steal.

Find out more at the eBay website


  • aandrew

    there is a very good video on you tube of a perfect Guzzini “sorella” – by a user called “sonofsolo69” just put his username into the search bar and you will find it.