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For sale: 1960s six-bedroomed modernist house in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, near Paris, France

Our search for a super-cool property has taken us to the outer suburbs of Paris, specifically to this 1960s modernist house in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, near Paris.

No mention of the architect, but we suspect this was cutting edge design for someone affluent and forward-thinking back in 1969. Indeed, fast forward 42 years and it's still cutting edge. A testament to someone's vision 'back in the day'.


For your money, you get a lot. For a start, you get a large expanse of house over two floors, , not to mention surrounding land, a location near the Marne river and a large heated swimming pool. There's also plenty of internal accommodation too, with four bedrooms, two shower rooms, one kitchen and a double height living room (with a huge fireplace and large windows) downstairs, while upstairs there's two study rooms, two more bedrooms and a bathroom made of concrete. All rooms have access to the terraces too. Nice. Oh yes, there's a huge roof terrace as well.

Ok, it's not cheap at the equivalent of £1,488,000, but compare something like this to a property of this style just outside London (if you can find one). On that basis, it's not badly priced. For the rest of us…well, we can dream.

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