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Eileen Gray Castellar Rug

Best known for her Bibendum chair and other modernist design, Eileen Gray also produced a number of rugs including the Castellar Rug.

She designed several rugs in the 1920s and 1930s for various interiors projects, which have been reissued by Aram. The pattern of the Castellar Rug is still very much a modernist design, but the colours give it more warmth than Gray’s usual black and chrome furniture designs – in fact it was inspired by the sunshine in the south of France where she had a her country home. The rug measures 175cm square and costs a massive £1,625, but this is design at its most iconic which always comes at a price.

If you have the money, visit Aram to buy.

  • Castellar rug is now at the reduced price of £1,381.25 during the Aram Store sale which runs until 21 July 2012