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Vespa scooter-inspired Segway now available to buy

I know, it looks impressive, but we're guessing this Vespa scooter-inspired Segway is playing to a limited audience.

You would think that lovers of vintage scooters aren't going to be too keen, whikle the number of people sold on the idea of a Segway for daily travel is unlikely to be huge. But who knows? As a limited edition, only a few fans are required to make it a success.

It seems to be a handmade piece, made out of genuine Vespa parts and can be customised with any details you require (although some of that might come at an additional cost). The Segway can hit a maximum speed of 20km/h, able to cover between 30 to 35km per charge. Oh yes, 10 minutes or so is apparently all you need to the hang of riding it too.

If you want one, the base price is about £2,500, along with the cost of overseas shipping from Maxihobby.

Via Gizmodo