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House Hasami collection at House Industries

Black teapot set

House Industries have a fine tradition in producing covetable pieces of design that, sadly, can be tricky to get hold of in the UK. Nevertheless we couldn't resist showing you the House Hasami collection: a beautiful ceramic range of teapots, plates and mugs. 

The House Hasami collection is made by the family-owned Hasamiyaki, a company with a four-century heritage of creating household porcelain, with each piece made by artisans in Japan. The traditional forms have been adapted to the retro-influenced patterns associated with House Industries. 

The designs are all available in two colourways – the white on black as shown above (already proving popular as the teapot is already out of stock) or the black on earthy brown design as shown below on the plate. 

Brown plate

Prices start at $33 for a bowl and go up to $95 for a teapot.

See them online here