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Official Volkswagen Camper Van retro kettle and toaster

Designs like this could go either way, But we think that the officially licensed Volkswagen Camper Van retro kettle and toaster range is as good, of not better, than we were expecting.

As the intro suggests, this is an officially licensed design, which is perhaps why the look leans more towards cool than kitsch. The look is based around the Type 2 camper van, with the throwback design on the front of the kettle and the side of the toaster likely to be a VW lover’s dream.

The toaster has two slots and variable heat settings while the kettle…well, it boils your water. What else does it need to do? Actually, both do one other thing very well – they offer some vintage charm to pretty much any kitchen.

Two colours to choose from, both with equally cool packaging and selling for £49.99 (toaster) and £59.99 (kettle).

The kettle is from Amazon here and the toaster is also available from Amazon here.

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