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2015 Morrissey Vulgar Sweaters now available to pre-order

The Morrissey Vulgar Sweaters have become something of a Christmas tradition since their introduction back in 2009. This year is no exception, with a new design added to the existing range and like the others, likely to sell out quickly.

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Retro reissue: David Bowie’s Space Oddity returns on vinyl with a vintage-style t-shirt

If you are a fan of the man, you might be interested in the newly-released Five Years box set. But for something a little quirkier and cheaper, check out the David Bowie Space Oddity reissue and matching vintage-style t-shirt.

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The Bag I’m in: Underground Music and Fashion in Britain 1960 – 1990 by Sam Knee

If there name of the author rings a bell, it might be because you own the wonderful A Scene In Between book from 2013. That covered a specific youth scene from the 1980s, but The Bag I'm in: Underground Music and Fashion in Britain 1960-1990 by Sam Knee sounds like a far more ambitious project.

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