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Retro Rooms: Fred de Groot

Fred3 Holland is our next stop for our Retro Rooms feature and the home of Fred de Groot.

We don't know much about Fred and his home in Sneek (yes, there is such a place), but we do know he is an avid collector of classic/vintage design - and these photos (see over onto the next page for more) are our evidence.

If you have any photos of your home, your collection or a single room, we always like to hear from you. Contact us at the address on this page with your photos and details and we will get them online as soon as we can.

See more of our Retro Rooms

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Retro Rooms: Carlos Molina


I'm always amazed by how many people read Retro To Go - and how widespread everyone is. And just to prove that point, our latest retro room is provided by Carlos Molina in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Carlos is a fan of the futuristic designs of the late 60s and early 70s and displayed here (and over the page) are some photos of his music room, which is a shrine to that era. Enjoy picking out some real design classics.

Big thanks to Carlos for sending them in. And if you want to send us some pictures, we're always happy to feature them.

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Retro Rooms: Els Willems


Retro Rooms moves across the world once more, stopping this time in Groningen in the Netherlands, at the home of Els Willems.

Below (and over the turn) are some photos of Els' house, which she describes as a "canvas of fifties stuff". And there's even a picture of her 25-year-old VW Transporter too.

If you want to send us some images of your retro home or retro room, email them to us at

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Retro Rooms: Brian Carson


Up to Scotland for the latest retro room - Brian Carson's office/sitting room in Motherwell to be precise.

Brian runs Braw25, which offers retro interior design throughout Scotland. In the picture, you'll see a Guzzini floor lamp and table lamp, a Grillo telephone and a deco clock. And as the windows have low sills, there's also two low-level 60s armchairs that don't block the light.

If you want to show off your home, a room in your home or even just a corner of your room, email us with a picture (or pictures) and some explanatory notes and we'll be more than happy to show your designs skills off.

Buy an authentic 60s home in Staffordshire


Not a retro room, but a retro home - in fact, not even retro - this is a stylish 60s home almost unchanged from the day it was built - and you could be the next owner.

The house in Edgefields Lane, Stockton Brook in Stafffordshire is on the market for a whopping £525,000. For your money, you get an architect-designed home from 1960 that was raved about at the time by Ideal Home magazine. And all those original features are still there - including the original kitchen, bathroom and decor. There's also underfloor heating, glass walls and "outdoor rooms"  - and all it's all set in two acres of land.

See over the turn for a picture of the kitchen or check the estate agent's website for even more images.

Find out more at Savill's website

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Retro Rooms: Kelly Bryden

Kelly_1 Our Retro Rooms feature moves back to the US, with Kelly Bryden offering us a glimpse into part of her house in Wilmington, Delaware. The best way to describe it is to leave it to Kelly - and don't forget to see over the turn for additional images.

If you want to see your house, room or collectables on this site, just send over a couple of pictures and words of explanation to and we'll show the world!

Over to Kelly...

"In the 10 years that I have owned my home, I have always wanted to redecorate this room, but never put much effort in to it due to the fact that we rarely used it.  It is a large room with a very large window and I feared that it couldn't be re-done without spending a fortune.  Since my husband collects vintage glass and ceramic-ware, I thought that adding some shelving would be a good place to showcase his "finds", as well as give the room some much needed warmth and personality."

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