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Retro Rooms: Barb Wolkins

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Barbnew_1 Next up to show their Retro Rooms is our first from the US – Barb Wolkins. I’ll leave the explaining to Barb – check out more images after the turn:

"When I bought this home in Payson, just north of Phoenix (Arizona) last year, I planned to decorate it with all 70s and maybe some 60s. To this end, I painted all the originally white walls, made a 70s "disco lounge" complete with original Asteroids machine from 1979, an original "Diskotek Disco Stereo", 70s bar, my Abba collection, and various other 70s icons of electronics and tackiness."

"I did the orange wall in the living room myself as well as making the 3 huge wall hangings from original Dutch 70s material. All my furniture, right down to the Christmas tree decorations, are from the 70s. In the kitchen, I have original 70s kitchenware, dishes, pots/pans, cookbooks, mixers, silverware, etc.  I painted the kitchen a green. I did the guestroom in 70s along with painting one wall with a 70s inspired wall graphic from a 70s wall graphic kit I bought!"

Good work. And if you want to show off your home, a room or even a corner of a room with some smart retro items, take a snap and send it over with a few words to [email protected] and we’ll be glad to feature it. Read on for more of Barb’s images.


5 thoughts on “Retro Rooms: Barb Wolkins

  1. hi Barbara, i can get you pics of the kitchen! i have original NOS 70’s kitchen rugs (4 of them) with the tags still in the back, an original 70’s under the counter coffeemaker, canister sets, blender, mixer, bread holder, and everything in between! just let me know how to send them to you!
    Barb W.

  2. Jamie, try “U-Turn” on Ebay, they’re a store in Italy specializing in original rolls of 60s and 70s NOS wallpaper
    Barb W.

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