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Retro Rooms: Kavel and Richard

Kavel_1 Our Retro Rooms feature moves to Sweden, focusing on occasional RTG contributors Kavel and Richard and their Stockholm apartment.

Sadly, they're leaving this place, but for an even more retro place next month, so they've taken the opportunity to send over a couple of snaps before departing. Check out the image to your right for a nice teak cabinet including a 'Picnic' china service, Stig Lindberg 'Berså' leaf china and Atomium collectables.

And see over for part of Richard's' Elvis Library on some very Swedish string shelves and some of Kavel's bespoke wall art inspired by Blue note artwork. And if you want to see more of Kavel's work, check out Kavel's website.

If you want to see your house, room or collectables on this site, just send over a couple of pictures and words of explanation to and we'll show the world!

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Retro Rooms: Barb Wolkins

Barbnew_1 Next up to show their Retro Rooms is our first from the US - Barb Wolkins. I'll leave the explaining to Barb - check out more images after the turn:

"When I bought this home in Payson, just north of Phoenix (Arizona) last year, I planned to decorate it with all 70s and maybe some 60s. To this end, I painted all the originally white walls, made a 70s "disco lounge" complete with original Asteroids machine from 1979, an original "Diskotek Disco Stereo", 70s bar, my Abba collection, and various other 70s icons of electronics and tackiness."

"I did the orange wall in the living room myself as well as making the 3 huge wall hangings from original Dutch 70s material. All my furniture, right down to the Christmas tree decorations, are from the 70s. In the kitchen, I have original 70s kitchenware, dishes, pots/pans, cookbooks, mixers, silverware, etc.  I painted the kitchen a green. I did the guestroom in 70s along with painting one wall with a 70s inspired wall graphic from a 70s wall graphic kit I bought!"

Good work. And if you want to show off your home, a room or even a corner of a room with some smart retro items, take a snap and send it over with a few words to and we'll be glad to feature it. Read on for more of Barb's images.

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Retro Rooms: David Steel

Steel1 A big thank you to David Steel for being the first person to show off his Retro Room - or in his case Rooms.

David has just moved into a new place in the North East of England - always a good opportunity to make your mark without having to deal with accumulated clutter most of us tend to build up.

Read on after the turn for more images of David's place. And if you want either your house, a room or even a corner of a room to feature on Retro To Go, just email over your pictures to and we'll do the rest.

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Scandinavian Design by Charlotte & Peter Fiell

Scandinaviandesign If you like Scandinavian design, and you want something to keep you amused over Christmas, why not treat yourself to a copy of Scandinavian Design by Charlotte & Peter Fiell.

This book covers Scandinavian design from 1900 to the present day, illustrating all areas of design, including furniture, glass, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, lighting, industrial and product design.

It has lots of great pictures, which makes it a good coffee table book to browse in and out of. It features the designers in alphabetical order, so is also great for reference, as it has brief biography of each designer, along with brief history of Scandinavian design in each country.

If you like to discover treasures at car boot sales or junk shops, it is invaluable to help you find out what you've got.

It is great value as you get 704 pages of design history for only £13.59 at Amazon.

Find out more at

Retro Rooms - we want your pictures!

We suggested Retro Rooms a while back, but never really got round to it. But we're going to give it another go.

We want pictures of your house, rooms or furnishings
. If you're proud of your retro room, house or just a corner of a room, please send us an image of it, along with a couple of words about yourself and the picture and we'll show if off to the huge (and ever-growing) number of Retro To Go readers.

Take your pic, email it to and we'll have it online in no time. We'll add some of our own - and we might even do a couple of video clips...if we can find the time.

So please...snap away!

Send us your retro room photos!

Ok, so you've heard what we like - but what about you? After a suggestion by one of our readers (which we thought rather good), we'd like you to send us a picture (or pictures) of your retro rooms or retro houses. Or even just that retro corner of your room!

How do you do it?

Simple - email us at - attaching your picture to the email. And of course, tell us who you are, your location (city, country or both) and a bit about your picture. We'll do our best to put your style online.

So get that digital camera out and send us a snap. You know you want to!

And if you have any suggestions about the site, things you've found or cool websites we should feature, please email us.


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