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Plaid Natasha Trench from Fred Flare


Modern reinterpretations of the classic trench coat often opt for a utilitarian style, choosing traditional and sharp style elements for impact. If you favour a cutesier tone to your retro style, this Plaid Natasha Trench from Fred Flare is the ideal sixties-inspired choice.

The structure of the coat is basic and chic, with an empire line and double breasted buttons. It's the colour palette, however, that speaks of mid-sixties looks, with a yellow plaid and bubblegum pink buttons to finish. The overall look has just enough mod style to create a stylish everyday retro item.

Get it online from Fred Flare for $84.

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Yellow Short Circle Skirt from River Island


When looking towards the 20th century for fashion inspiration, consumers and designers alike can often forget the gems that can be found in crossover eras. While fifties and sixties inspired styles are usually very distinct, the pieces which aim for the time in between are often the most intriguing.

This Yellow Button Circle Skirt from River Island utilises elements of fifties style, combined with some sharp 60s updates. The circle skirt is given an update with a shorter hem and matelot buttons, while the high waist and a-line silhouette remain intact. Finished in a chic mustard yellow, this skirt is versatile and instantly retro.

Get it from River Island now for £26.99.

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Gidget Dress by Rock Steady


For those of us who bore the burden a school uniform, we spent our formative years loathing the very mention of the word pinafore (well I did, at least). When it comes to retro fashion, however, it's never a dirty word thanks to fifties and sixties influences.

This Gidget Dress by US retro brand Steady Clothing has a cutesy and kitsch vintage feel, while staying simple and versatile. From their Rock Steady line, the pinafore (or jumper if you're American) is instantly sixties thanks to a high neckline, A-line cut and double breasted button detailing. The combination of a crisp white shirt rounds the dress out neatly.

Get it now from Steady Clothing online for $58.

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Flannel A-Line Skirt from Topshop


With the trend for nude shades across the catwalks in Summer 2010, the use of these neutral shades is still easy to find on the high street. That's ideal for those looking for a 60s retro aesthetic, with camel shades providing an equally mod alternative to monochrome colour schemes.

This Flannel Button A-Line Skirt from Topshop takes advantage of mid-sixties inpiration well, using a simple a-line shape and high waisted cut. The tab and button details provide some military influence, while the neutral shade of both allows for the subtle femininity to stay intact.

Get it now from Topshop for £35.

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Double Breasted Coat from Burberry Prorsum


While military influence in the sixties was often extreme and statement making, it's sometimes hard to incorporate such boldness into an every day wardrobe. For a more subtle take on the style, this classic Double Breasted Trench from Burberry Prorsum is a designer piece you can wear for any occasion.

The rich fabric carries this simple and timeless cut, giving a luxurious and feminine take on masculine detailing. The gold buttons and matching belt add structure and a sharp waist, while broad shoulders and an A-line skirt create an instantly retro silhouette.

Get it now from Matches Fashion for £1495.

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Lace Collar Top from Miss Selfridge


While much of the high street's latest collections have moved away from retro influence, there are still some unusual pieces to be found that will satisfy. This Lace Collar Top from Miss Selfridge provides something a little out of the ordinary, with some thirties style design points.

The drop waist is an immediately 1930s cut, while the collar and colouring are reminiscent of a pierrot style outfit (without looking like a full blown costume). The overall effect, with lace details and sleeveless cut, provides a top that could also pass well in most sixties wardrobes, adding an unusual retro piece to any wardrobe.

It's available now from Miss Selfridge for £28.

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