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1940s-style Teardrop Caravan from The English Caravan Co.

Teardrop caravan

It's almost time to hit the open road in search of summertime fun. If you want an alternative vehicle to the VW Campervan as your travelling companion, take a look at the range at The English Caravan Co., which includes this 1940s-style Teardrop caravan

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Bell Tents from

There's no question that the proliferation of summer festivals has taken the fine art of camping to a whole new audience. Most of us are used to a modern tent which can be put up in minutes but there's a lot to be said for the traditional Bell Tent too.

Bell tents require a bit more effort to put up; they have a separate ground sheet and you need to peg out the canvas to make the shape of the tent rather than just inserting the poles to form a skeleton as you do with most tents these days. One key advantage is that the canvas is cotton and therefore breathable, so you don't get that nasty sweaty feeling when you wake up on a sunny morning – and if it gets really hot you can roll up the tent walls to allow a breeze in.

Tents in varying sizes are available from, starting at £319 and if you're serious about camping you can buy all sorts of extras too – from stoves and mattresses to sheepskin rugs and tea-light chandeliers.


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eBay watch: Vintage Sirram complete picnic set


If nothing else, we are at least topical. So on a warm day, we've found the perfect accessory – this vintage Sirram complete picnic set.

The seller's description isn't overly detailed, so I don't know if everything is original. I suspect it all is – it all fits and it all matches, which is always a good start. That includes two flasks, various containers, cups, cutlery and plates.

Condition looks good, with the possible exception of the case fasteners. They probably just need a good clean though. £35 is the current bid price.

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