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Retro Seed Packet Collection


As Britain continues to feel the pinch, the trend for growing your own food shows no sign of abating. The Retro Seed Packet Collection allows you to sort and save you seeds in style.

There are five different designs in the set, including a nice variation on the ubiquitous "Keep Calm and Carry On" and a ration book facsimile.The reverse of each packet has a handy printed metric and imperial rule to help with your seed planting as well as areas to record the seed content. Perfect for getting organised ahead of the sowing season – bring on those green shoots of recovery!

The packets cost £4.50 for a pack of 10 (2 of each design) and you can buy them from The Allotment Shop.

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Seed boxes by Clifford Richards

OMB seed

The seed box gets an update with these designs by Clifford Richards.

There's a choice of four different looks from the designer to choose from. There's the Second World War inspired Dig for Victory version pictured or, for something more associated with Richard's graphic Pop art style, take a look at the 'Grow your own' design. The other two designs feature colourful depiction of vegetables, both in a retro style. 

They work on a practical level too. They're made from heavy gauge steel to keep rodents out, with six ventilated compartments for seeds, and can be either mounted on the wall or left free standing. 

Quite an investment at £82 each but think of the money you could save on buying veg in the long term. 

Buy them from the Original Metal Box company