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Alpha print from James Brown


There's an abundance of retro alphabet prints that we've featured of late, but this Alpha print from one of our favourites James Brown, goes one step further.

The striking 4 colour lithograph should prove invaluable in these days of telephone banking and such. The letters of the alphabet are accompanied with their appropriate nautical flag and phonetic pronunciation. Hang it in pride of place for textbook enunciation worthy of a tweed-clad ex-field marshall.

£15 from the General Pattern Big Cartel store.

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James Brown “Viking” print


The Shipping Forecast is a beloved British institution and the cryptic names that make up the sea regions celebrate their 62nd anniversary this year. The James Brown "Viking" print will help you put a place to a name when you're listening to the radio long past your bedtime.

Listing all 30 of the sea regions, from Viking to Southeast Iceland, the single colour print is in a seaworthy shade of navy to bring a touch of the nautical to your home. 

The "Viking" print is £31 from James Brown's website.

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James Brown “Hats” Print

Combining our love of James Brown’s illustrations with our fondness for dapper clothing, in one item is James Brown’s “Hats” Print.

The screenprint uses just five colours, which adds to its retro look, and depicts 15 styles of hat spanning decades of fashion including a homberg, a bowler, a deerstalker and a pork pie hat. There are only 140 prints with each one signed and numbered by the artist.

The “Hats” print costs £95 from Tinsmiths.