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Alpha print from James Brown


There's an abundance of retro alphabet prints that we've featured of late, but this Alpha print from one of our favourites James Brown, goes one step further.

The striking 4 colour lithograph should prove invaluable in these days of telephone banking and such. The letters of the alphabet are accompanied with their appropriate nautical flag and phonetic pronunciation. Hang it in pride of place for textbook enunciation worthy of a tweed-clad ex-field marshall.

£15 from the General Pattern Big Cartel store.

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eBay watch: 1970s Pieff Alpha armchair by Tim Bates


I think we've waxed lyrical about Pieff before, a British company that made interesting and indeed quality items, particularly in the 1970s. While prices for other British makes (like Merrow Associates for example) have gone up, Pieff products are still very reasonable. As this Pieff Alpha armchair demonstrates.

It's a modernist-inspired design from Tim Bates, still looking very stylish 30+ years on. It has three removable cushions, pirelli seat support and a chrome frame. A 'vinyl stretcher' is fixed to the back frame to supports the two back cushions.

It's been well looked after, with only minor wear over the years, with the leather 'fed with quality leather cream' in the recent past. Bidding stands at £21 right now.

Find out more at the eBay website