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Adidas Stan Smith – Kermit edition

We’ve already featured one customisation of the Stan Smith trainer in the last month, but here’s something completely different – a Kermit The Frog-themed Adidas Stan Smith trainer.

Part of the adicolor range, the Kermit shoe has a synthetic upper, synthetic sole and inlay, leather siding, green laces, plus a Kermit face, autograph and "It’s not easy being green" design on the exterior.

If you think you could get away with wearing them, good luck finding a pair – we’ve yet to find them in the UK, though we have found them for sale in the US for around $100.

More details on the trainers at Karmaloop

  • sdv

    OMG!OMG! I almost died when I saw these!
    They sound too good to be true. I am 150% in love with them.
    and Christophe Lemaire from Lacoste had a lovely deep green velvet v-necked cardigan from his S/S 06 collection to go with them.

  • Alexis

    These shoes are so dope!! Kermit is my babi!!!!!

  • OMg….i love the shoes soo much im saving up for em now….I LOVE EM MANNN…:D me x

  • Maz

    I’ve seen them in the UK before ages ago now. I think they were selling for £40, in one of the sports shops. Possible JD? I’m not too sure.
    Love them though <3
    Possibly the only trainers i would ever consider wearing.

  • Amy.

    They Are In The UK. I Saw Them In Office for £55! They Are Soooo Awesome!! Love Them Soo Much. I’m Soo Getting A Pair!

  • clayton roberts

    where can you buy them from the UK and how much?

  • jalovelly

    do they have any in youth sizes

  • Nicole

    These trainers are so Kool i am trying to persuade my mam + dad to get me them x

  • Miss.Kermit

    OMG i am completley in looovveee with these funky shoe wear. I beged my mum for a pair and im getting them for my birthday so yay!!!!