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Taking the Mickey

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In a similar vein to the Ramones bears by Toxic Teddies and the Sex Pistols Kubricks by Medicom, here’s another take on the punk toy theme. This time it’s Japanese brand ROEN who have teamed up with Medicom and Disney, creating a Mickey Mouse figurine based on the iconic London Calling sleeve photo of Paul Simonon.

Currently it’s not available outside Japan but with a bit of luck and fast action you might be able to get the figurine on eBay for around $50.

Sure to be a future collectible. Wonder what’s next, Buzzcocks beanie babies?

One thought on “Taking the Mickey

  1. Okay. How big of a market can there possibly be for Clash/Disney memorabilia? (Although I actually know one person who might want one!)
    On top of that it doesn’t even make sense. (Not that it has to I guess.) I mean: Why? Perhaps they thought it was Mick Jones in the picture.

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