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Kit-Kat Clock

Kitkatclock_1  What makes a design classic? Well, if you're still selling something largely unchanged in large numbers 75 years after its introduction, we can safely say it qualifies. Like the Kit-Kat Clock.

The look, quite possibly based on cartoon veteran Felix The Cat, is simple, eye-catching and guaranteed to be a talking point. The tale is the pendulum, with both that and the eyes swaying as time ticks by. The time is displayed clearly on the feline's front.

A special 75th anniversary model (pictured here) is available from the Kit-Kat US website for around $50. But you can buy a standard Kit-Kat Clock in the UK too – that's priced at £49.99. Both require 2x C batteries for power (not included) – and both are design classics that almost anyone can afford.

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  • Katharine Bushnell

    Need tail for clock. Any ideas