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Chrysler PT Cruiser – good or bad?

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We’ve covered a number of retro cars in the past, but one we haven’t mentioned previously is the Chrysler PT Cruiser.

It’s a car that you either love for its 1930s-inspired (or indeed hot rod) styling or you hate for its bulk and its likeness to the dreaded people carrier. We actually quite like it. It’s been around since 2001, with a few updates along the way, now including a convertible version.

You could say it’s the sensible silly car – you’ll turn a few heads with the larger-than-life looks, but under the bonnet is a solid performer with the even more sensible option of a diesel engine, plenty of room and comfort, some retro styling on the dashboard and loads of boot room, including (oddly), a picnic shelf.

You can pick one up for around £17.000 new, but older versions can easily be picked up for £5,000 onwards. Good or bad? Have your say below.

Find out more at the Chrysler website

5 thoughts on “Chrysler PT Cruiser – good or bad?

  1. I have to say I love the style and romminess of the car – BUT …
    I’ve had two electric windows repaired for not working; a leaking gasket; the radial belt slip off a new front tire; front wheel bearings and “newly updated” sparkplugs and wires. My car is only 2.5 years old and this seems to be a lot of work on a new car! It is a 2004 Touring PT Cruiser.

  2. FYI ya’ll,
    I have a 06 Pt, I recently installed a trailer hitch and the hitch dealer sold me a universal wiringn kit, I hooked it up just like the instructions showed, one month later I noticed my brake lights were not working. a trip to my Chrysler dealer found the wiring was not right, by that they told me I needed to have installed fuses between the trailer wiring harness and the cars wiring harness that I tied into. Now I need a new fuse box, Chrysler claims my trailer feed back into the front control module and burnt out the brake module, all of which is part of the fuse box, anyone know where I can get one reasonable.

  3. I have an ’06 GT Convertible. Its been a great car, and an excellent value. Its roomy inside front and rear, fast, handles well and is a great value. The convertible top is snug, quiet and very easy to operate.

  4. I have a 2.2 diesel on a 2002 reg. The car has been totally reliable in all the time I have had it apart from a seal that went on the Aircon, and that was my fault for not using the aircon enough.
    For a few hundred pounds I upgraded mine by chipping and performance exhaust, it really is a beast in what was already a powerful engine, thanks to the Mercedes unit.
    If you have a bad back like I do, then this is the car for you. The seats are very high, so with the arm rests it is like sitting in a arm chair. Not really sat in the back, but my kids state they have loads of room.
    The boot is great, very high up and with a back door that completely opens the back leaving no lip to lift over is great. Added to this the rear seats have 17 odd different positions that can be set in seconds, and the rear floor is flat, you have a massive load area. No wonder in the states many business convert them into panel vans.
    All the controls and such are good, however the electric window controls are mounted on the centre console, so takes a little getting used to.
    Now the bad points.
    Rear visibility does let the car down, you have to get used to using your side mirrors more then you would on other cars.
    Turning circle is like a battleship, again once you get used to it you do not notice.
    All in all this car has been really enjoyable to own, it is more then just a functional car, it has what other cars lack, character. As I say my car has been chipped and a twin performance exhaust, body kit, chrome alloys and tinted windows, this is the finishing touch for me, in what was already a fine looking motor.
    A whole industry has grown up around the PT Cruiser in after market products, you must of noticed that you very rarely see two PT’s the same.

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