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eBay watch: Custom miniaturised 1980s Austin Mini 1000

A Mini is small enough, but this 1980s Austin Mini 1000 has undergone a custom job to make it even smaller. It's also available to buy right now on eBay.

According to the seller, this started off as a 1983 Austin Mini 1000 City and has done around 87,000 miles over the years. One other thing has happened too – it was reworked by custom coach builders over ten years ago, with the chassis split, sectioned and rejoined to create a unique weekend two-seater. A road legal one obviously.

The custom job means there are no doors or roof, but if you want a fun weekend motor, I doubt that's an issue – just jump in and you're away. That's after you get tax and MOT – it has neither right now.

Full details (and more images) on the listing, with the price at £1,800 right now.

Find out more at the eBay website




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