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Nintendo NES Controller Wallet

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One for the gaming geeks and in particular retro gaming geeks – the Nintendo NES Controller Wallet.

A description isn’t really necessary – this is a canvas wallet with a replica image of an original Nintendo controller sewn on the front, there’s not much else to say.

However, I will mention that it’s officially licensed, it has pockets for credit cards and photo ID and costs just $10 (just over £5). And if you bought the Nintendo NES Power Mints, the Nintendo NES alarm clock or the Nintendo Mushroom Scarf, this is definitely for you.

Find out more at the 80s Tees website

One thought on “Nintendo NES Controller Wallet

  1. I myself used to have one of these. Yes, you read right–USED TO.

    See, it was attached to my damn hip-pack by a chain along with my house key. And at one point, I personally took the damn pouch off (when I was on the bus) so I could sit down and relax. Sleep. Well–pass out, really.

    And… idiot that I am, so much going on in my head… all the thoughts and tasks for the day and daydreams and personal dilemmas (not to mention all that damn “Ally McBeal” internal- monologuing), I lost track, lost sight… and I lost my waist-wallet–not to mention by prized-pig vintage Nintendo controller wallet. Jeez, I’d like another one. I looked all over for a brand new… but it looked like some cruel bastard sadist out there discontinued to them just to personally further difficult my own life. I couldn’t even find it online.

    Damn it all… Hey, just a bit of a pipe dream here… False hope at the end of the tunnel perhaps, even… but are there… maybe, just maybe any more out there available?

    –Hopelessly Hoping… Wishfully Thinking, DANE R. YOUSSEF

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