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An arcade Asteroids machine for your home

Ever wonder what happened to all those vintage arcade machines you remember from your childhood? Well, I imagine most were scrapped for newer games, but some were saved and maintained – and now got for a hefty price. Rather like this Atari Asteroids arcade machine.

It’s just as you remember it, with the boldly-coloured casing, 19-inch screen and three-button control, with the option of a one or two player game. Granted you can play a version of Asteroids on just about every console and home PC ever made, but you can’t re-create that original arcade feel without the arcade machine.

But it comes at a price – £2895. Or if you fancy another arcade classic, there’s a range of other machines available, including Space Invaders, Galaxians and Pacman.

Find out more at the Wotever website

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