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Jonathan Adler drug jars

For the pharmaceutical user that has everything, the perfect gift is this great range of drug jars from Jonathan Adler.

And they cover a wide spectrum of drug user – as well as the Uppers jar featured, there’s also Downers, Prozac, Quaaludes and Dolls. All (except for Dolls) have a standard shape, standing 6.75 inches high, fired stoneware with hand-painted retro-styled decoration (including a nice 60s-style label).

If there’s any money left in the bank account after the heavy drug use, you can pick each jar up for $85 (around £43).

Find out more at the Jonathan Adler website

One thought on “Jonathan Adler drug jars

  1. Those are so gorgeous. The colors, the stripes, the shape: they remind me of circus tents and happy pills all at once! I see two new cookie jars in my future. Uppers for the junk food and Downers for the healthy treats, perhaps?

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