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Bill Owens Family in Grocery Store print

Billowens We like to bring you art with a retro feel, and while browsing the Eyestorm site I came across this print by Bill Owens of a typical American family in a Californian grocery store in 1970.

Bill Owens was there at the birth of suburbia in late 60s California, and he had the awareness to document a quiet piece of history. New furniture and fireplaces, lawns and laminated surfaces: Owens’ candid photographs are a rare and charming record of these early optimistic home-owners, dreaming their domestic American dreams.

This silver gelatin print reflects the optimism of the era and provides a snapshot of family life in the 70s. It is one of a signed edition of 250 and is available for £370.

If this print doesn’t appeal you could also take a look at the other Bill Owens prints featuring cars and homes of the era.

Find out more on the Eyestorm website

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