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Vintage-style suitcase record player with radio

Suitcaseplayer When I was a lad, my first record player was of the suitcase variety, complete with a bag of old 45s no-one in the family wanted. In hindsight, they were pretty decent – Kinks, Stones, Beatles, Nancy Sinatra and the Walker Brothers – all scratched of course. I’ve still got most of them, so could perhaps re-live the past with this vintage-style suitcase record player with radio.

Slightly more upmarket than my old red one, this one really does look like a vintage suitcase and plays all vinyl speeds – 33, 45 and 78 – through the built-in stereo speakers. It’s also got a manual return tone arm and a stylus included, as well as that radio, which can pick up FM and AM stations.

Mains powered only, it retails for $99 (around £50).

Find out more at the Fred Flare website

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