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Play Tetris – with fridge magnets

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Tetris_magnets Nothing to do whilst waiting for that kettle to boil or that microwave to ‘ping’? You need the Tetrius Magnet Set – which is Tetris, with fridge magnets.

Yes, these are your everyday fridge magnets, idela for attaching things to your fridge or freezer door. But as a neat sideline, the blocks are all Tetris-shaped, so you can sharpen up your gaming skills – or just re-arrange them in whatever pattern you like.

Seven blocks per set, it retails for $9.95 (around £5).

Find out more at the Ze Stuff website

One thought on “Play Tetris – with fridge magnets

  1. The only thing that annoys me, and it’s a spectacular mark of my obsessive tendencies, is that you can’t make a perfect rectangle with them.

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