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Brionvega Alpha – stylish retro TV now available to buy

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A year ago, we featured a concept TV from Brionvega – the Brionvega Alpha – loving the style, but slightly aggrieved that the TV was just a concept. Well, guess what? You can now order the TV directly from the company.

Described as ‘the new generation of Brionvega’, it has a design based on the modernist classics of Le Corbusier and Breuer, featuring a 19-inch LCD screen sat within a chrome screen, a built-in DVD player (with audio playback option) and a chunky die-cast aluminium remote control every bit as stylish as the TV.

But there are downsides. Firstly, the TV has dated since its first showing – it isn’t HD-ready, but there is an option to get a digital tuner built in for extra cash. Take your pick from silver, black or the orange, with prices starting at 1,950 Euros, which is around £1,540.

Find out more at the Brionvega website

2 thoughts on “Brionvega Alpha – stylish retro TV now available to buy

  1. Oh wow, first time I’ve seen this, it really is beautiful. It would end up costing so much more than the ticket price though, since I’d feel oblidged to refit my entire lounge to make this thing work in it.

  2. this tv doesnt even have digital tuner, its 19inch 5:4 ( not even widescreen) and has a dvd player ( not even blu-ray). with the exception of the casing this setup would cost me about AU$250 not $3500 like they are asking. what a RIPOFF, you cant watch tv on a 19 inch screen anyway.

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