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Yoox Vintage Factory 60s dress

Yoox_vintage Fashion retailer Yoox has opened up a part of its site to sell purely vintage items – the Vintage Factory. It’s aim is to sell quirky and original 60s pieces sourced by the company – and as such, stokc will be in limited numbers and constantly changing.

Browsing through the selection right now doesn’t throw up two many bargains – indeed prices are a little on the steep side. But it’s worth a look and there are some things within most of our budgets. The 3/4 length dress pictured here is Italian and from 1960, a sleeveless dress with red, white and blue vertical stripes, along with a blue ‘shirt’ collar with three gold buttons.

Available in a UK size 10 only, it retails for £59.

View all the range at the Yoox website

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