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W2’s Jimi Hendrix Blue Plaque mug

Hendrixweb Up and down the country, English Heritage has slapped a Blue Plaque on just about anywhere anyone famous has lived – or indeed done something interesting. And in a bizarre bit of merchandising, English Heritage has teamed up with W2 to merchandise these plaques – with the end product typified by this Jimi Hendrix Blue Plaque mug.

There isn’t just Jimi Hendrix in the range and there aren’t just mugs – you can get tea towels too, along with a whole of famous names, from Freud and Karl Marx through to John Lennon and Oscar Wilde, each with their plaque’s details replicated.

Not a bad purchase if you happen to be a fan of the person concerned, probably a bit niche for the rest of us. The fine bone china mugs sell for £10, tea towels for £6.

Find out more at the W2 website

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