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Loose Lips Might Sink Ships wartime print

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will know that last year’s surprise print success was the Keep Calm And Carry On poster. Originally available as a poster for under £4, it was reissued as an art print – and just kept on selling. Now, the people behind that have a new wartime image on offer – the Loose Lips Might Sink Ships print.

Probably lacking the same double-edged meaning as the original, this one is still eye-catching and quirky – and might be good to hang on the office wall if you have a gossip problem!

Printed in an ocean blue colour onto soft recycled paper and sized at 60cm x 42cm, it retails online for £18 plus postage. And it is limited to just 100 copies.

Find out more at the Keep Calm website

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