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For sale: Philip Johnson-designed mid-century house in New Canaan, Connecticut, NY, USA


One for our US readers (or UK readers with an urge to relocate) – the Philip Johnson-designed mid-century house in New Canaan, Connecticut, NY, USA.

Johnson designed the house back in 1953 – and it’s a stone’s throw away from his more famous Glass House. Indeed, there’s plenty of glass in this one too, mixed with more traditional masonry, slate-tiled floors and plastered walls. There’s also a gravel courtyard at its centre, designed as a ‘negative imprint’ of the house itself.


For the not-inconsiderable asking price, the house offers just two
bedrooms, two bathrooms, an eat-in kitchen, reception room, sitting
room, dining room and a separate guest house with an additional bedroom
and bathroom. Room for two cars too – and if you’re looking for an
investment, there’s also planning approval for an additional house on
the plot.

Just as well – this house will set you back $3,500,00 (around £2,000,000).

Find out more and see additional images at the Modern House website

  • Jonathan Cesan

    “New Canaan, Connecticut, NY, USA?” That’s a bit confusing. Is it supposed to mean it’s in two states, Connecticut and NY (New York)? New Canaan is in Connecticut, not New York. Anyways, it looks like a beautiful house. I don’t generally see all that many “retro” houses here in New England, so it’s nice to take note of.

  • Yeah, we’re not great on US geography, but that’s what the estate agent’s website said – so who were we to disagree?
    Now ask us about Manchester or Sheffield and we can give you everything down to street detail…

  • Jonathan Cesan

    Oh. Well fair enough then.