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The Varoom jacket by EC Star


Mod style fashion for the girls that isn’t either vintage or, well, a dress, is a bit of a struggle to locate at times. EC Star keep coming up with the goods with their continuing designs, including this Varoom jacket.

In a yellow stretch denim, it’s not what you’d expect, but the looks have it all sewn up. A nehru collar, slim fit and slightly belled 3/4 length sleeves give this a sleek mod-inspired cut that’s perfectly complimented by the almost scooter-girl feel.

It’s available from Pin Up Girl Boutique for $96.

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2 thoughts on “The Varoom jacket by EC Star

  1. hey, now, *this* scooter girl thinks it’s cute.
    does look a bit thin, though. EC star has traditionally given good design over the years: it’s just that the price is a bit steep for the quality. You’re paying for the cute factor, really.

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