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Audi limited edition 1930s Auto Union Type C pedal car


If you really want to treat your kids this Christmas (or think you can squeeze in yourself), you can pick up this Audi limited edition Auto Union Type C pedal car.

Limited to just 999 and coming in at half the size of the original, the Auto Union Type C is a re-creation of a classic 1936 Audi racer, replacing the engine with ‘chain drive’, supported by 7-speed transmission, a back-pedal brake, hand brake lever with a locking function and hydraulic double disc brakes.

The car itself has an aluminium frame, oak dashboard, leather steering wheel and a quick-release system for a quick exit. None of which comes cheap – if you want one, you can order the Auto Union Type C now for £6,800. See the website for more images.

Find out more at the Audi website