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Vimto limited edition centenary bottle


Whilst having a coffee in a local cafe today, we noticed these Vimto limited edition centenary bottles on the shelf. We picked one up from there, but you can also buy them online.

Vimto was born in Manchester in 1908 and the company has offered that original fruit-based cordial (made to a secret recipe) for 100 years. It’s now back in the original ‘crock’ (pot) bottle for a limited time – essentially, until the 6,000 bottles made run out.

Whether you love or hate the drink, this is a great piece of vintage design – and as they are numbered, it might be a shrewd investment too. The weighty bottles are actually made by Mawsons, who are selling them online – priced at £5.53.

Find out more at the Mawsons website

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