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Willy Guhl 1950s Loop Chair


Cement and style are rarely seen in the same sentence, but if you’re on the look out for a designer seat for indoor/outdoor (or conservatory use), the Willy Guhl Loop Chair could be for you.

Dating back to 1954, the Loop is made of Eternit, widely used in the building trade and offering a mix of cement and (would you believe) air to offer something structurally strong, but at the same time light and easy to manipulate – as the curves of the Loop (and accompanying table) shows.

A modernist classic now back on the market, it’s yours for £350.

Find out more at the TwentyTwentyOne website

  • Rocco Fiumanò

    Eternit is a brand of a special material, made of fibres and cement. Originally (up till early 90’s) these fibres were made of asbestos, that’s highly cancerogenic. So the vintage version of this wonderful chair is so much dangerous for human health.

  • David Walker

    Hi Rocco,
    Thanks for pointing that out – I was going to mention that in the original article, but forgot.
    For once, a reissue is preferable to an original!

  • I remember sitting on this chair like it was yesterday! It sure didn’t cost £350! the 50’s they were the days 🙂