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Vintage Cuban film poster prints


Some months back, we featured the Vintage Poster Auction at Bloomsbury, pointing out some rather stylish Cuban film posters, which were selling for upwards of £500. If you liked them, but didn’t like the price, you might want to check out the Cuban Posters website, home of the vintage Cuban film poster prints.

All the posters are handmade silkscreen prints, sourced in Cuba and guaranteed to brighten up any room. Check out the site for the full range, with the two above being typical of the pop art style – Los Tres Mosqueteros (aka Richard Lester’s The Three Musketeers) from 1974 and Mi Hermano Fidel from 1977

Both are sized at 20 x 30 inches and both sell for just over £30.

Find out more at the Cuban Posters website