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Velorbis retro-style city bicycles from Cycle Chic

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Cycle Chic has certainly grown rapidly since we first featured it last year. Indeed, the company has now added bikes to its range as well as cycling accessories, including these rather stylish Velorbis retro-style city bicycles.

Styles vary between ladies, gents and a couple of shopping models, but the two pictured here (see over the page for second image) cover both ends of the spectrum. The Velorbis Churchill Classic is a classic men's city bike, handmade with three old-style Sturmey Archer shifter gears, Sturmey Archer brakes, a Brooks leather seat, anti-slip pedals, galvanised steel stand, Bush & Muller lights and a black, powdered-coated finish.

The Danneborg has much the same for features, but this time has a fire engine red finish, a female-friendly shape and room for a basket on the front. Check out the site to see all the bikes, all selling for £899.

Find out more at the Cycle Chic website


6 thoughts on “Velorbis retro-style city bicycles from Cycle Chic

  1. Am I being churlish for suggesting that, at that price, I’d want ‘Pashley’ written on it..?
    The price of ‘traditional’ style bicycles is fast becoming a bee in my bonnet..
    I probably need to get out on my bicycle (Norman trade bike £5 from the local tip..)

  2. Wow, I love the velorbis bicycles! I am sooo happy I will get mine over the weekend – Victoria Classic – of course!

  3. Why would you want a Pashley when a Velorbis comes with brooks grips, brooks mud flap, dynamo driven rear lamps, and double kick stand none of which are to be found on a Pashley!
    Another few differences:
    Pashley only come 26” wheels & Velorbis come with both 26”/700c wheels options
    Pashley only produce freewheel hubs & Velorbis produces coaster brakes and freewheel hubs
    Velorbis has a special hook on their rear carrier for a lap top – Pashley has a none
    Velorbis uses stainless steel rims & Pashley uses polished alloy rims
    Velorbis offers otional leather skirt guards in brown or red leather – Pashley doesnt.

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