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1970s ABC and Farm posters by Graziela


A blast from the past, but the ABC and Farm posters by Graziela would still look very cool in a modern-day kids room.

They look similar, but these Graziela Preiser designs are from different ends of the decade – the ABC poster was originally designed in 1970, while the Farm poster was designed in 1977. Not that it means anything – the bold colours and look of each are unmistakably Graziela.

These reissues are official, screen printed with vegetable ink on 100% recycled paper, sized around 50 x 70cm (which fits a standard Ikea frame) and hand-signed by Graziela Preiser, making them something of a collector's piece. Not that they come with a high-end price – both sell for £22. See the other poster over the page.

Find out more at the Bodie and Fou website

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