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1940s Style Swing Trousers from Heyday


Got enough retro dresses to last a lifetime? Almost every one of the most convincing retro pieces for women comes in dress or skirt form, but for those of us who'd rather not bare our pins these Swing Trousers from Heyday are perfect.

In a great 40s style, these channel the early days of women's pants to create as chic and stylish a look as any dress. With a high waist, matelot style buttons for a nautical look and turn-ups, these are a great pair of formal trousers that are easy to dress up or down for effortless vintage style.

They're available from the Heyday website for £40.

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One thought on “1940s Style Swing Trousers from Heyday

  1. Wow! Would you just look at this outfit. It is hard to believe that those women’s pants were at one time in style. I love looking at pictures from earlier generations and think how far we have come in style. But like they say fashions will come back around into style but it is hard to image these back in style anytime soon.

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