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Camembert cheese plates


Lovers of a particular brand of French fromage may remember the Camembert cheese clock from way back. More cheesy designs available here with the Camembert cheese plates

The set draws on the archives of Camembert and their history of distinctive labels and adverts. The designs look like they've come from various periods with my favourite being the art nouveau influenced label shown at the bottom. 

The designs are printed onto porcelain and, measuring just over 20cm across, you'll be pleased to hear they can hold a lot of cheese! A set of four costs £22.95. 

Buy them from Aria

One thought on “Camembert cheese plates

  1. I LOVE these. My boyfriend bought them for me for Christmas, if you’d rather buy them in the flesh you can get them from Paxton and Whitfield in Jermyn Street.

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